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Vinitaly 2023 pad. 9 stand B2 - 2nd/5th April 2023.

This characteristic late 1800s building with its panoramic terrace has been used over the centuries as a granary and in the last 40 years as a Vinsantaia for the production of the typical Tuscan sweet wine.

The renovation of this builging has helped us to expand our tasting offer.

In this way our wines, produced with such care and passion, can be tasted with typical Tuscan dishes that enhance their uniqueness.

You can choose between a menu à la carte or two tasting menus with our wines.

The ingredients for our dishes all come from local companies because Villa Pillo is closely tied to the local area.

Savoring our dishes in front of a good bottle of wine with a beautiful panorama will make the experience unforgettable.

Villa Pillo Staff