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Vin Santo del Chianti

Vin Santo is made following the classical rules of Tuscan tradition.
We obtein this wine from the Chianti white grapes, Trebbiano and Malvasia.We select the best grapes and they are left to dry slowly for
5 months.In the drying process, the greater part of water contained by the grapes evaporates and we have the maximum concentration of sugar. After 5 months we pressed the grapes and the little must is left
to rest 24 hours. Once the wine has rested, it is put into the “caratelli”. They are small casks that are filled only three-fourths of their capacity. The wine is left in them to mature for 4 years.
The caratelli are stored in a “Vinsantaia”, where the alternation of seasons, slowly works the miracle of the wine’s maturation.

Blend: Trebbiano 80%, Malvasia 20%

Vineyards: Planted on 1968

Harvest: 13th and 14th October

Time of fade: from October to March

Fermentation and ageing: in small oak barrels of capacity from 50 to 150 lt. for 4 years

Total production: 4000 bottles.